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Ugly Adventures #0837 - Rogues Gallery


There's been so many emails asking for more info on the little "mini-me" uglies that have been showing up in my stream (and Highlandmonkey's too) in the last few days, so the guys asked if it was ok for them all to line up for somewhat of a rogues gallery photoshoot.

Not content with only them being featured, they asked if they could have some food placed around them too, which was all handmade by us at the weekend also.  The only one missing from this shoot is Babo who is still too busy having brunch at Mireille's.

We moulded the little guys out of FIMO (i.e. plasticine) and then baked them in the oven to harden them up.  Really good fun to act like a kid for the day, and what better way to spend a very wet and windy Saturday afternoon and evening ;)

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