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Ugly Adventures #0839 - Personal Trainer


For the last few months Babo has been trying everything to get Ham Slammer up off of the couch and out doing some exercise, but there's always been one excuse or another the entire time.

Thankfully since I returned from Oregon with Doug and Dug, things have taken quite a turn for the better, it's probably best if I let Babo explain (as he's standing here watching me write this).

"Hi's everyone, well you sees all of my previous tactics to gets Ham Slammers fit has not workeds, but when I see'd how much he likeds to play with Dug and Doug I decideds to have a words with the littles guys to sees if they would likes a parts-time jobs!  They now waits until Ham Slammer gets close and then runs a little aways, so that he musts catch up agains, then they repeats this all day, Ham Slammers doesn't even realises he is doing exercises which is the bestest bit, and all it is costings us is a few more cookies at the ends of each week for Doug and Dug".

I'm telling you, Babo sees the world in a whole different way to the rest of us at times!

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