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Ugly Adventures #1213 - Websiter Plannerings


Incase you doesn't alreadies know, I helpered Baz buys the websiter domain to showcaser all of the coolers fun that we has whether we is at homes or outside adventurising.  At the moments we just has a "comering soons" page onlines incase you wants to lookies.

We had originally plannered to heads up to visiters the lava cavers to the South of Mounts st Heleners, but afters the 600 mile driver we dids yesterday I strugglered to gets myself outs of bed this mornings, so I askered Baz if we could justs have a nice relaxerings day.

After spendering the morning in beds watching the Nascars from Indianajonesapolis and the X-gamers from Los Angeleses I decideds that I would hits the superdupersmarket for some Mountains Dew and then works on a planner for some of the pagers of the new websiter.

I thinks I can comer up with a coolers look for it alls, hopefullies I can convincer Baz abouts my plannerings too!

At the moment I is plannerings to tries and getters it onlines by sometimes in Septembers...

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