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Ugly Adventures #1216 - Photodaviders


Is not ofteners that I is reallies lost for worders, but todays is definitelies one of those momenters, and all becauser of the awesomer Photodaviders who lettered manys of my cousiners stays with hims in San Diegos longs before I even arrivered here on Earths to lives with Baz & Mireille in Aachens.

Wage tookered Photodaviders on his yearlies pilgrimager to meets the Masters of the Uglyverse, who goes unders the code namer David Horvath heres on Earth, and whiles there he discovereds that loaders more of our ugly cousiners has arrivered on Earth at the same timers.

As you can imaginers humaners can onlies handle so much uglyness, so Wage askered if some of them would likes to liver in Aachens with Mireille and Baz, and sures enough there was plenties of volunteerisms.

Checkers out the coolers badgies I has now toos, I feelers kind of famousers now seeings myselfer on them, I especiallies lovers the cookie and hands one which I pinnered straights on to my jacketer!

And befores you askers, the Icebats is not reallies ghosters, they just wouldn'ts stay in one placer for the photomagraph.  Since the photomagraph was taken the place turners into bedlamers here, I will gets Baz to makes a videoer for you alls this evenings.

p.s. Once agains, a massiver thankies to Photodaviders, as he is the one who convincered Baz to lets us live withs him, and he sures is one of my bestester friendlies in alls the Universer!

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