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Ugly Adventures #1219 - Signer Waverers


This mornings after Baz had gone offs to workies I hads a brainwaver with how to helps Wage (and Rolf) out with gettings loads of voters in the compermatition that they is entereds into!

When we goes away for our daytrippers I always sees people standerings on the corners of busy intermasections wavering signers, the signers coulds be for local superdupermarkets, new housers, or sometimes completely randomer thingies.

I askered Letterman what he thinkered of my ideas and he tellered me it was a gooders one, so we makereds up our signers and then walkered along to a localler busy intermasection to gets those voters flyings in for Wage.

After abouts ten minuters I was wonderings why peoples kept honkering their car horns, and then I lookers at the signer that Letterman had makered, I don't thinkers he quite undermastood what I meants to write on the signers, but we is having great funners anyway so is all goods!

If you wants to voters for Wage, you can followers the linker below to takes you right to the compermatition pager:-

Voters here -

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