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Ugly Adventures #1222 - Eco Friendlies


Today my sores head was beginnings to feels a littler bit betters, I musts say a thousander thankyous to everyones for your nice worders yestermaday.

When Baz went offers to workies he askered me if I wouldn't minders sortering outs all of our washings that neededs done, so I searchered the interwebs to sees what I could finds and makered a shortielist.

Just as I was deciderings which one would be the besters I heards a knocker at the hotels room door, them peskies housekeeperings was tryings to gets insider our rooms again!

I quicklies ran offs to the clothes cupboarder and leaves the door just a smidgeners bit opens so I could watchers what they dids.  The bed gets makered, the bathroomer gets some new towelers and thens it happenered, they openered the freezers and eatered my icy creamers.

As you can imaginers I wents flying outs of the cupboard shoutings, "red handers, caughted you!".  They starteds screamerings likes hell, droppered my icy creamers and runned right outs the door.  I showered them, lets me tells you!!!

So anyways, after watchering for them trying to makes a returner to finishers off my icy creamers I was ables to continuer with choosering which laundries company to uses, and reallies there was no competitioners when I sees that this oner does the cleanerings using eco friendlies methoders!

I is thinking that I has to booby trappers my nexts tubber of icy creamers, what does you thinks?

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