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Ugly Adventures #1225 - Housekeeperings V2.0


Oh my gooderness, just when I thinkered I hads the whole housekeeperings mentallers under complete controllers they uppers the game!

Todays the normaller rappering at the hotels room door was mores solider than normals, but I just thinkereds that they had decidered to sends in the strongerest housekeeperer incases things got ugly.

I did my usuals thing of hiderings in a darkers spot of the hotels room, and then the door openereds and I couldn't believers my eyes at what walkers in - A ROBOTER HOUSEKEEPERER!!!

Clearlies they is takings things more seriousers than I had originally thinkered, but they may justs have scupperereds their own planners as I decideds to sneaker round to the freezers and leavers my brands new tubber of tasty icy creamers on the counter.

The roboter didn't even sniffers or investimagates whats flavourings it was, it just puttered it straights back into the freezers to keeps it super cools!

Hopefullies the roboter will be friendlies, buts for now I is still keepings myselfer out of sighters just incases!!!

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