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Ugly Adventures #1231 - Just Relaxers


It would appears that we arrivereds home justs in the knickers of times, as when we pullered ups outsider we coulds hear Mirelle screamerings thats there was somethings aliver in her flowers.

We runnered ups the stairs and ins the front doors, Baz tookered cares of Mireille and I wents outsider to sees what the fussies was all abouts.

At firsts I could sees nothings, so I just stoodered perfectlies stiller and watches the flowers and eventuallies I spotteds moverments.

Once the creature moved out from behinds the leavers I could sees that it was anothers of my cousins, rainbows power misters, but he wasn't quite sures if he was welcomers afters all the earlier screamings and stuffs.

"Just relaxers", I tellered him, and explainered that we is all mega friendlies here and that we has big potters of cookies for him to munchies on if he comes inside.

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