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Ugly Adventures #1247 - Cookie Munchers Photomashoot


I had askered Baz to helpers me out by doing a photomashoot of alls of my cousiners so that I can adders them alls to my new Adventurers In Uglyworlders websiter, buts Baz always seemers to busys to helpers me outs with it alls.

Todays before Mireille wents off to workies, I gots her to shows me where Baz keepers alls of his biggers photomagraphy lightering kitters, and then I employered some of my cousiners to helps me setter it alls up.

Oh boys did we have mega funs all day, I gets to shoots some mega coolers photomagraphs and we all laughered so muches durings it all.

Oh, and incase you is wonderings, we shouters "cookies" insteads of "cheese" just before takings the photomagraph!

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