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Ugly Adventures #1928 - Sandy Dunes Of Iona


This mornings after eaterings our tastiers breakiesfast we jumpereds on the ferry from Fionnphort on the Isles of Mull overs to the Isles of Iona to goes explorerings.

We startereds off by visiterings the Iona Abbey, which is basicallies a super coolers ruraler Abbey situatoreds almosts in the middler of the island, okays, it's a littlers bit Norths and also a bits East, but I is sures that you gets what I means!

Afters this we hikereds to the Norths end of Iona to checkers out the sandy dunes which you can sees behinds me in todays photomagraph.   I helpereds Mireille searcherings all overs the beach for coolers stones and pebblers to takes home to the cookie cave!

We followereds the coastsliner right rounds to the Wests coaster of the island and then did a proper mentallers climb up and overs a biggers hill (for someones my sizer, it is mosts definitelies a mountain!) and downs the other side before grabberings a mega tastiers scone withs cream and jam for our "afternoonsies".

The finals spot on our "things to sees on Iona" lister was to visits the beacher overs on the middler of the Easts side of the island, where the wind was blowerings mega hards as there was nothings but sea to stoppers it!

Tomorrow we does some more explorerings on the Isle of Mull before jumperings on yets another boat to our nexts locationer, stays tuned!

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