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Ugly Adventures #2306 - Pulls The Others One


Wedgie: "Can I has a cupper of hots chocomalate and a basketer of choco chippo cookies"

Lounge Assistant: "Sorry sir we're all out of hot chocolate"

Wedgie "Seriouslies, oh mans, at leasts I can gets some choco chippo cookies"

Lounge Assistant: "Sorry sir, I've just checked and we're all out of cookies too"

Wedgie: "Pulls the others one, what kinds of a two bits operationer is this, I has to takes two flighters backs home to Germanys and you can't even suppliers me withs hot chocomalate and cookies, I will takes my service elsewheres nexts timer!"

Todays steps = 6,294

The 2014 grand total = 771,992

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