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Ugly Adventures #2311 - He Shoots He Scores


We may be in Scotlands on holidays, but Mireille is hards at workies finisherings off her Unimaversities thesis, and this very predicamentaller givered me the perfects idea on how to scores me some goodies.

I kept buggings her all afternoons until she askereds me what it would takes for me to leaves her in peaces and quieters, and when she did askers me I pretendereds to thinks for a littlers while then tellereds her "a slabber of irn-bru's".

No sooners had I "suggestereds" this would works to keeps me out of her ways, Baz had been ordereds to goes up to the locallers supermarket and buyers me a slabber!

I will waits another coupler of days and then does the sames thing for some sweeties, ha ha, my plans even surprisers me at times at how goods they are.

He shoots, he scores!

Todays steps = 4,782

The 2014 grand total = 797,267

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