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Ugly Adventures #2318 - Is It A Vipers?


I musts have been snoozerings like my lifer dependereds on it when we arrivereds in San Franciscos earlier ons this evening, as I don't remembers landering in the hairyplane at alls, and when I wakereds up I was ins our hotels and Baz was already in bed sleepings.

Luckilies the hotels receptionister had some cookies waiterings on me (I guess Baz warnereds her that I was backs in town agains, and hungries likes always).  

Afters munchering my ways through her whole batcher of cookies, I findereds the keys to our hires car, it's a Dodger this times, hmmm, is it a vipers?

Todays steps = 6,263

The 2014 grand total = 831,407

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