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Ugly Adventures #2323 - Massivers


Todays me, Mrs Ted and Baz visitereds what I is callerings volcanoes alley, as not only dids we visiter the volcanics park at Lassen, but we also visitereds the Lava Beddies monumentaller too, kinds of like a twos for ones dealer!

While I was explorerings the bubblerings mud, stinky eggies smelling boily waters I noticereds somethings else, alls of the pineconers are massivers in Lassens volcanics park, I is beginnerings to thinks that they has been mutatereds by alls of the moltens lava runnings under the grounds here!

They is almosts as bigger as me, mentallers!

Todays steps = 17,827

The 2014 grand total = 872,192

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