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Ugly Adventures #2343 - Edumacaterings Myselfer


It has slowlys dawnereds on me that if I wants to gets myselfer an edumacation arounds here I is goings to has to does it myselfer!

Todays I am studyings the financials in the newpaperer, as lets facers it, withouts having moneys there is no ways that I could buys loads of cookies!

In a coupler of hours I is flyings on an airlines company callereds ANA, and I still has no ideas where I is goings!  Rolls on tomorrows so that I can finally finds out where we are travellerings to!

Wowzers, I has finally makereds my one millionth stepper for this year, and we is not evens half way throughs too!

Todays steps = 7,286

The 2014 grand total = 1,000,312

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