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Ugly Adventures #0805 - The End Of Summer


Cinko has been quite down this week, and it took until this evening for the reason behind his glumness to be revealed to everyone else.

"I hates it when is the ends of summers", he explained to over the phone to Wage who was listening intently in Aachen.

"One days I was lyings by the swimmings pools, not to closes though as you knows I don't likes waters too muches, and then the next days all I can sees is rain outsides the hotels room windows, I thinks this is poo, you hears me, poo!".

Wage seemed to be agreeing with Cinko's prognosis on it all, and even a little concerned when Cinko explained to him, "I has even gots some tannings oil lefts, whats the hell is I supposeds to do with it nows, when there is no suns any mores?".

Babo is hopeful that the coming week will spring some nice sunny weather on Hillsboro to help bring Cinko back on track again, fingers crossed!

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