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Ugly Adventures #0806 - A Goblins Favourite Tipple


There's no point in trying to deny it, Babo knows that all of you have spent at least one (if not many) sleepless nights lying in bed thinking to yourself, "What is a goblins favourite tipple?".

Thanks in no small part to our resident friendly goblin, Gordon, I'm able to finally answer that mysterious question.

"Fat Tires is the bestest, is just perfects for the bellies of goblins, great tastes and we gets no hangovers froms it eithers!".

There you go, looks like we've a proper old Saturday Scoop there...!!!

(You guys may already realise that I've managed to make over 80 different shots so far in this tiny little hotel room I've been staying at in Oregon?  No mean feat let me tell about stifling any attempt at being creative!)

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