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Ugly Adventures #1228 - Bumblerbee


On my originallers travellering to reachers Earth I stoppered at a planeter called Cybertrons, where I meetered ups with many coolers Automabots, leadered by a coolers dude called Optimousse Primer - you already knows that I likes mousses, so becoming friendlies was easies.

When Optimousse hears that I was potentiallies havering a problems with the newers roboter housekeeperings, he decidereds nots to leave my safeties to chancer and sendered one of his bestesters to watches over me.

Checkers it outs, this awesomers Automabot is calleds Bumblerbee, but I hasn't heareds him makes any buzzering noises yet, but he says that he has a palazama cannoner or somethings like that.

Bests of all is thats Bumblerbee doesn't seems to needer to eats anything, so I knows all of my cookies and icy creamers is super duper safers, and as he doesn't eaters then I suspecters that he won't do poopies eithers, which makers him the bestester watcher-dog-bee-thingie I could possiblies ask for.

The days of peskies housekeepering is numberereds now, all thanks to my new buddies, Bumblerbee!

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