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Ugly Adventures #1229 - Names That Store


Hi everyones, finallies it's timer to packs up my suitcaser readies for the flighter home tomorrow mornings.  Baz keepers referrings to the hairyplane as the "bigs metal budgie", he normally makes me laugher with this, just in the same ways as I makes him laughs by callings them hairyplanes!

Can you tells where I has been buyering stuffers from, I has just packered thems into my suitcaser so you can sees their logo-to-gogo as a mega biggers clue.

I knows that alls of my Americans friendlies will be abler to nails it withins a blinker of an eye or two, buts maybe we has some eagler eyes backs in Europe and elsewheres too!

Infacters, lets putter it to the tester, if you is Americans then you is nots allowed to says the name untils Tuesday mornings, to gives all our other friendlies a chance to shows off their generals knowledge.

Generals knowledge, hmmm, if he was to leads an army I thinks they could beats anyone, ha ha...

I better gets on with my packering as we needs to gets an earlier night tonights as we leavers the hotels at five ay-emm's, mega earliers!

p.s. A biggers clue to my questioner is thats the namer of the store is alsos the namer of one of my cousiners!

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