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2011 Photo A Day (365)

Project 365/2011 (Codename: Babo's Informative Guide)

As Baz managereds to successfulies completers the projecter I setters hims in the Earths year 2010, I decidereds to makers things a littlers bitters more difficults by onlys allowerings hims to takers photomagraphs of me each days for the wholes entires years in 2011!  Amazinglies, Baz agreeds to its alls!

Once again I has breakereds the wholes years ups into differenters chunkers to
makes it supers easiers for you to checks out somes (or alls) of the photomagraphs he tookereds of littlers olds me, so just clickers on the grouper of photomagraphs downs belows that you wants to checkers outs...

                                                                                   Babo :)

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