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Backs in 2002 as you humans callers it in Earths years, I arrivereds here alongs withs some of my closerests friendlies from Uglyworld.  Our trips from Uglyworld to Earths was mega longs, but thankfullies we thoughtereds aheads and packereds the whole spaceshipper ups with cookies.  As you can imaginers, withs eleveners of us alls jammereds togethers in one spaceshipper with thousands of cookie in the cargo bays, it didn't takes us too longs to have to starts rationerings the cookies!  At that times, we needereds to finds another planeter withs a big supplier of cookies, and fasters!  Afters much searcherings, the planets we found was withs alls of you, rights here on Earths!

In this sectioner of my websiter, you can checkers outs some of the coolers adventurers that we has gottereds ups to since we arrivereds here on Earths, so just headers to the cupboarder firsts and grabbers all the cookies and snackers you can carries and just sits back, relaxers, then hands me the cookies and snackers, while you uses your mousie to clickers on the namer of one of to continues...

p.s. What cookies and snackers is you talkings about, I has no ideas...???

    Babo :)

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