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Volume 1

Turtle Time Magazine - Volume 1

With this being the first ever issue of Turtle Time Magazine (or TTM for short) we thought we'd introduce you to someone who will be one of our main contributors over the months and years which follow, so say hello to our very own Travelling Turtle who agreed to do a Question and Answer session with us.

[EDITOR] Hi there Turtle, would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself, as you'll be featuring in our magazine quite a lot in the future so it's nice to let our readers know who you are and where you're from.

[TURTLE] Hi everyones, well I wasn't always such a famous travellings Turtle, I started outs just likes everyone else having to studies hards to get the grades I neededs in schools to acquires my shellmaster degree in "Travelisation" from the Ugly Academy back on Uglyworld.

[EDITOR] So, "Travelisation", what made you choose this as your career?

[TURTLE] Ever since I was a littles Turtle all I wanteds to do was to be off explorings somewhere or somethings, being stucked insides all days and nights was never my ideas of a fun life, so I maked the most of every opportunities I gets to packs my shell and heads off into the great unknowns.

[EDITOR] What can we expect in the stories we'll be featuring in Turtle Time Magazine?

[TURTLE] At the moments I am spending quites some time exploring the planets we known as Earths, and here I finds a nice photographer who will accompanies me on my travels all overs the world to documents where I goes.  I hopes to be ables to share with everyone some informations about places likes Scotlands, Germanys, and even Americas.

[EDITOR] It sounds like you've already got a lot planned ahead!

[TURTLE] For sures, when I wouldn't makes so good plans I wouldn't gets to see half of the places I wants to sees, proper plannings makes the travellings much less stressfulls you see!

[EDITOR] Are you able to give us one sneak peak into any of the places you're looking to travel to in the next few months?

[TURTLE] I did wants to keep the locations and stories a surprise, but I can tells you that I will be travellings from sea levels all the way ups mountains and everythings else inbetweens.

So there you have an insight into the world of a Travelling Turtle, we hope you enjoy his adventures as much as we will bringing them to you all.


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