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Kaiju Vinyl

Uglydoll Kaiju Action Figures

Kaiju is the Japanesers words for "Monster", but don't worries, as longs as you doesn't looks these guys directs in the eyes, and is heres withs me, thens you is safers and sounders!  These guys may looks likes the meanerests and scarierests guys you has evers settereds your sights on, but deeps downs they is as cutes and cuddliers as littles olds me!

Unlessers of course you has stealereds their cookies, in which casers you is ons your owns, totallies, yups, you won't sees me tryerings to helpers you, I'll probablies be found hiderings in the cupboarder unders the stairs, yups, as that is my safers zones!  Stealerings their cookies, who in their rights minders would even considers suchers a things...!!!

    Babo :)

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