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Series 3

Series 3 Action Figures

With two "aways teams" having successfully followereds our homings beaconer from Uglyworld alls the ways through the Universers to planet Earths, it was beginnings to sounds like everyone wantereds to leaves Uglyworld to comes and visiters us!

Obviouslies I hads to puts a stopper to the massers exodusers from my homes planeter, as well, lets facers it, there is a realers bigs massivers piler of cookies availablers heres on Earths, buts with more mounts to feeders, that woulds means lessers cookies each, which woulds nots be a gooders situationer!

I mades the situationer very clears to missions controls back on Uglyworld, one more aways teams could travellers, buts this woulds be the lasts ones untils I sayereds otherwisers, and of course I askereds missions controls to fills up the spaceshipper with tastiers cookies once agains too before it blastereds off!

    Babo :)

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