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Ugly Towers

Ugly Towers
In this pager you can finders an oversviewer of wheres me and alls of my families and buddies lives.

Pleasers noters:-

You has to remembers that rights now I is in the processors of putterings all of the pagers togethers, so you may finders empty pagers, deadereds linkies, and other randomers stuffs until I gets it alls uppers and runnerings, so I woulds suggesters that you keeps checkerings backs on this updaters pager for alls the laterests and greaterests informations...

                                                                                 Babo :)

Note the space still remaining at the bottom of Tower #3, Wage and Babo have reserved this for Pounda once he finally gets released...!!! ;)

Here's the list of the complete gang pictured above:-

3" Action Figures Series 1

Orange Wage
Red Wage
Yellow Jeero
Green Jeero (x2)
Light Blue Ice-Bat
Dark Blue Ice-Bat
Pink Ox
Green Ox
Pink Wedgehead
Blue Wedgehead
Purple Babo
Blue Babo

3" Action Figures Series 2

White Peaco (x2)
Pink Peaco (x2)
Blue Uglyworm (x2)
Green Uglyworm (x2)
Grey Poe (x2)
Green Poe (x2)
Purple Trunko (x2)
Yellow Trunko (x2)
Blue Big Toe (x2)
Black Big Toe (x2)
Orange Uglydog (x2)
Red Uglydog (x2)

3" Action Figures Series 3

Blue Ket
Pink Ket
Red Kaiju Ice-Bat
Blue Kaiju Ice-Bat
Brown Nandy Bear
Yellow Nandy Bear
Pink Babo's Bird
Blue Babo's Bird
Mustard Ninja Batty Shogun
Black Ninja Batty Shogun
Purple Pointy Max
Green Point Max

3" Glow In The Dark Ice-Bat's

Purple GID Ice-Bat
Clear GID Ice-Bat
Blue GID Ice-Bat
Yellow GID Ice-Bat (x2)
Green GID Ice-Bat (x2)
Orange GID Ice-Bat (x2)


Wage (x3)
Babo (x3)
Tray (x2)
Jeero (x2)
Cinko (x3)
Target (x2)
Ice-Bat (x2)
Wedgehead (x2)
Ox (x2)
Uglydog (Magenta & Red 2-Pack Set - Edition of 50)
Uglydog (Magenta - Artist Proof - Slightly Larger Size)
Sleepy Chilly Ice-Bat (Clear - Edition of 50)
Lost His Cool Ice-Bat (Red - Edition of 50)
Winter Glow Ice-Bat (Glow in Dark - Edition of 50)


Clear Blue Ice-Bat (Edition of 200)
Clear Red Ice-Bat
Solid Blue Ice-Bat
Clear Orange Wage (Edition of 200)
Solid Orange Wage
Solid Green Wage
Blue/Silver Babo with Cookie Bakery Building (Edition of  150)
Black/Blue Babo with Cookie Bakery Building
Bossy Bear (Pink)
Bossy Bear (Blue)
Bossy Bear (Night Stomp edition)
Bossy Bear (Day Stomp edition)
Bossy Bear (Toxic Stomp edition)
Chupacabra (Clear Blue)
Chupacabra (Clear Pink)
Chupacabra (Clear Green)
Mini Uma set (Red/Orange/Yellow)

Choco &  Minty

Choco (Honey Bee - Edition of 500)
Choco (Pink Preview Exclusive - Edition of 500)
Choco (Glow In The Dark - Edition of 300)
Choco (Green Xmas - Artoyz Exclusive - Edition of 350)
Choco (Snoco - Yoyamart Exclusive - White/Pink - Edition of 250)
Choco (Brown)
Minty (Honey Bee - Edition of 500)
Minty (Blue Preview Exclusive - Edition of 500)
Minty (Glow In The Dark - Edition of 300)
Minty (Yoyamart Exclusive - Black - Edition of 250)
Minty (Green - Edition of 500)


Yellow Little Yoya/Monster (x2) (Edition of 500)
Brown Little Yoya (Edition of 500)


8" Ham Slammer (2 faced Qee - Edition of 500)
8" Grass Nut Bear (Club2R version - Edition of 200)
8" Hot Nut Bear (Retail version - Edition of 400)
8" Gel 3.0 (Green Version - Edition of 500)
8" Spider Boom (Black Version - Edition of 500)
8" Spider Boom (Pink Version - Edition of 200)
2" MonQee of David
2" MonQee of Sun-Min (x2 different Versions)

Spider Boom

Daisy Boom
Cheesy Boom
Chef Spider Boom
Binga Boom
Choco Boom
Creamy Boom
Whippy Boom
Softy Boom
Cherry Boom
Sprinkle Boom
Melon Boom
Apple Boom
Flocked Chef Spider Boom
Glow in Dark Chef Spider Boom

Bossy Bear & Friends

Bossy Bear (Blue Standard 5")
Bossy Bear (Blue 250% Size 12")
Bossy Bear (Orange Standard 5")
Bossy Bear (King Bossy White Flocked 5")
King Turtle (Green 250% Size 7.5")
Turtle (Light Green 3.5")
Turtle (Milk & Cookies Guardian Edition Dark Green 3.5" - Edition of 200)
Turtle (Lemony Fresh Special Edition 3.5" - Edition of 300)
Crocadoca (Standard 5")

My Friend Dave

My Friend Dave (Green Giant Robot Edition - Edition of 50)
My Friend Dave (Pink)
My Friend Dave (Glow In The Dark)

Power Mister

Power Mister (Green Super 7 Edition)
Power Mister (Red)
Power Mister (Rainbow clear)
Power Mister (Blue/Silver)


Bearbrick Wage (x2)
Bearbrick Babo
Bearbrick Ox
Bearbrick Ice-Bat
Bearbrick Trunko


Gel (Light Green)
Sunny Minus (Blue Shirt)
Go (White Shirt)
Noupa (Belt Version)
Security Monkey
Water Dog
Sunny's Gel
Super 7.5 Robot
Hero Noupa
Maker D
Made Man
Maker S
God Noupa (Plugin Hollywood Toycon Exclusive - Edition of 100)
Ultra Noupa (Plugin Hollywood Toycon Exclusive - Edition of 100)
Noupa Man (Plugin Hollywood Toycon Exclusive - Edition of 100)


10" Noupa Bad Guy Evil Robo (Edition of 200)
3" Greedy Pilot (Edition of 200)
3" Noupa Frozen Solid Security Monkey (Edition of 500)
3" Noupa Battle Damage Action Set 3-Pack


3" 2-Faced Series 1 - Secret?
3" 2-Faced Series 1 - Super 7.5 Robot
3" 2-Faced Series 1 - Brad Luck
3" 2-Faced Series 1 - Duck DX
3" 2-Faced Series 1 - Bunky

3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Minus
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Mademan
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Mabus
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Wonda
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Gel
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Helpy
3" 2-Faced Series 2 - Zoltan

8" Eggdrop Blue
8" Eggrop Green
8" Little Inky Blue
8" Little Inky Brown
8" Mothman (Fake from Japan)

Funko Pop!

Orange Wage
Blue Ice-Bat
Green Ox
Purple Babo
Black Ninja Batty Shogun


Blue Trunko
Pink Trunko
Pink Ox
Green Ox
Pink Peaco
Orange Peaco
Green Big Toe
Blue Big Toe
Blue Ice-Bat
Red Ice-Bat
Red Babo
Blue Babo

There is also several other characters hiding out in there too such as Domo, King Ken, other Dunnys, etc...

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