Adventures In Uglyworld

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Series 1

Series 1 Action Figures

In the years 2009, I sendereds a radios messager froms here on Earth backs out through the darnesses of space and the universer (excepts for the brighters lights that comes from the stars outs theres).  The radios messager reachereds my homes planeter of Uglyworld, where is was decodereds by the finests brains in the businessers (well, you didn't expecters me to sends and uncodereds messager, dids you?).

My message tellereds everyone backs on Uglyworld that we was all safers and wells here on Earths, and that we had intemagratereds so easilies withs everyone and that if a smaller groups of my brothers, sisters and cousins wantereds to comes and visits too, then we woulds makes sures they were makereds very welcomes when they arrivereds!

A coupler of months laters, their spaceshipper arrivereds and out steppereds some new inhabitanters to lives with us in the Cookie Castle.

    Babo :)

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