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Turtle Time Magazine

Turtle Time Magazine

Backs on Uglyworld, theres is a supers coolers magaziner which is dedimacatereds to the lifers of Turtles, whichers there is manys of on my homes planeter, and in the lasts years or so's the magaziner has decidereds to starts featurings somes stories and photomagraphs of the travellerings turtles who is outs and abouts all overs the galaxies.

I always gets mega excitereds when we hears from Editors in Chieftans thats a new editioner has beens releasereds, as we knows thats it's onlys a matterers of timers untils it landers on our doorsteppers!

Belows you can linkers to somes scanners and stories from the magaziners themselvers!

                                                                                   Babo :)

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