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Bossy Bear & Friends

Bossy Bear & Friends Action Figures

Backs on Uglyworld we hads one guy who woulds basicallies reekers havocs on everythings and anythings he possiblies coulds.  When I settereds off on my adventurers to other parts of the Universer, I thoughts that I woulds hopefullies never has to dealers withs him agains, how wrongs I was to thinkers thats!  As he has somehows managereds to followers me here to Earths!

You may or may nots alreadies knows you Bossy Bear is, if you doesn'ts then I musts warners you that whats yours is his and whats his is also's his!  He is whats I can besters describer as an ugly hoarder, as in the splits seconder that he sees somethings, WHAM's, he has to haves it!

If you is outs and abouts and hearers someones shouterings "Mine!", I suggesters nots to turners arounds, justs runs, runs as fasters as your leggies can carries you, befores you losers everythings!  Thankfullies two of his buddies also decidereds to comes to Earths too, and they is both super duper coolers, so they triers to keeps Bossy Bear in checks!

    Babo :)

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