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Ugly Adventures #0425 - Introducing Snoco


This morning myself and Mireille were lying in bed watching TV when we heard a giggling sound coming from the back garden, so Mireille got up to look out of the window.

"There's a white Choco in the garden, he's standing on one of the chairs giggling away to himself", I was still half asleep and didn't know whether Mireille was making fun of me or not, but she got dressed and went downstairs to head out into the garden.

She returned a few minutes later with the giggling culprit walking along behind her, "Hello Baz, I'm Snoco, another of Choco's cousins, it's a pleasure to finally meet you".  I woke up quite quickly at this point and asked him what he was giggling about in the garden, to which he answered, "I've been following your online photo documentary of my cousin and all of his friends here in Aachen and they always seem to have funny adventures, and I can't wait to be a part of them too!".

Snoco was so excited to be here he couldn't help but giggle, so after I got dressed I asked him to head back out into the garden and re-inact how we first found him, standing on the wooden seat giggling away - and here it is...

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