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Ugly Adventures #0439 - What Times Do You Calls This?


"Dear internets friendles of Baz, I is a little Turtle you maybes already knows, but just nows I has somethings I wishes to tells you".

"Hi everyones, tonight I realises somethings with the helps of Babos and Wages - Baz seems to only gets home very lates at the moment from work, and what makes this worses is that he is always aways very earlies in the mornings too".

"I knows that he works hard all day to makes pennies for us to buy cookies and stuffs with, but it must be very hards for him to do's this so often and find time to take even one photos of us each day, so I decided thats I must leave you alls a littles photo tonights which shows me standing next to his working watch (which is all covereds in scratches and thingies) which shows almost 10.30pm here in Aachen, the time he gets homes and makes himself somethings to eat".

"I knows that when he has more times he will show all of us mores of your coolest photographies, so don't be thinkings he is just not lookings at your stuffs, as we all gets so much smiles from lookings at them and we all misses thems too".

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