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Ugly Adventures #0443 - Jigsaw Bear Puzzle Thingy


This morning when I got up for work at 5am (yes I am crazy) I was amazed to hear some noise coming from downstairs in the living room.  After getting showered and ready I ventured down to see what the source of the noise was, and discovered Jeero standing with a confused look on his face beside pieces of a bear that I ordered last week.

As soon as he realised I was walking down the stairs he said, "Oh baz, this comes in the mail yesterday just likes this, I tries to fix it, honests".  I know that the bear would ship all in one piece and that Jeero will have been the reason for it now being split apart but I was too tired to give Jeero into trouble, so instead I told him that as long as he was really careful not to break any pieces he could continue trying to put it together.

Jeero's final remark as I was going out the door was, "wow, this is likes my very owns jigsaw bear puzzle thingy".

I'm expecting to get home late this evening and find arms where legs should be and vice versa.  What a fun start to day 100 of 2010...

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