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Ugly Adventures #0447 - Storytime With Turtle


Since the arrival of the guys who arrived to take part in the "Cheer Up Choco" campaign last weekend, one of the most popular has been turtle as he's been keeping all of the little Uglies entertained with his travel stories from all over the world.

Today Jeero, Babo, Ox and Ice-Bat were getting settled down on the couch, when Turtle entered the room on his tip-toes.  The 4 Uglies all looked slightly puzzled at his tippy toe antics as he pranced in their general direction.  Once close enough Turtle whispered, "Hi guys, today we has to be very quiet as Mireille has an exam tomorrow, so I thinks as the garden is bathed in sunlight and the flowers are coming into colourful bloom, that we should take todays "Storytime With Turtle" outside.

It didn't take more than a few milliseconds for the foursome to stand up and start walking on their tip-toes towards the door, with Turtle following along behind to make sure that the door was closed gently to prevent any un-needed noise.

Once outside they found themselves a nice place to relax and listen to more of Turtle's wonderful stories...

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