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Ugly Adventures #0701 - "Helps, I See'd Something!"


"Helps, I see'd something", echo'd out of the kitchen in the hotel room from Ox.

Almost immediately everyone came running to see what all the fuss was about, but alas there was nothing to see other than the fact that whatever Ox had spotted had caused an almost unheard of thing to happen - it managed to scare the earmuffs clean off of Ox's head!

Ox maintained that there was something there only a few seconds before and when Babo asked, "Was it likes the shapes of a cat?" Ox answered, "No, it was smalls and purple colours".

Everyone appears to be on an even higher level of alert now after rumours of the cat visiting yesterday and now with Ox's sightings today.

If I had to name my hotel room using one word right now, that word would be TENSION!

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