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Ugly Adventures #0714 - Cookie Shopping Time


After a hard days work I'm sure you all are in the same boat as me, you get back to where you're staying, you kick your shoes off and want to either collapse onto the couch or bed, in my case I go for option 2, the hotel room bed.

However my time to relax is little to none at the moment due to the number of the little guys I have with me, this evening I had no sooner fallen backwards onto the bed and taken half a deep breath when I could hear the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps running from the living room towards the kitchen, next up was a series of "ones, twos, threes, jumps" with plenty of puffing and panting and then finally I could hear the jingle of the hirecar's keys.

"Baaaaaaaaaaaaaz, can we goes to the supermarkets?", Cinko asked in his cutest possible voice, "Maybes we can buys some cookies if is ok with you?".

I've long since realised that when the little guys have something in their mind it's much easier to just deal with it then and there, as if you tell them to wait even 5 minutes the number of them asking for "cookies" or whatever else they have a fancy for that particular day will increase expontentially.

So to prevent the lone ranger Cinko turning almost magically into a crowd of hecklers I jumped up off of the bed and took them to the local Albertsons to pick up some more cookies to keep them going through the week while I'm at work.  One of these days they'll learn to drive and save me the trouble of being their personal taxi driver!

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