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Ugly Adventures #1166 - Stripereds Shortiebreaders


As you knows I has a megas craving for triples choco chipper cookies almost constantlies, but afters tonights visitor to the super-dupers-marketer I finders somethings so amazings that I couldn't believers my owns eyes.

I lovers eatings the shortiebreaders cookies everytimes I goes to Scotlands, so when I findered a packeter of Stripereds Shortiebreaders on the shelfs I just hads to haves some to checkers out how they tastereds!

I just cant's stoppers eating thems, I has demolishered almosts half the packeter alreadies and does you knows what? Yuppers, I still wants more of thems!

Yummeries stripereds shortiebreaders, woohoo!

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