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Ugly Adventures #1173 - Volcanamoes


Bwah, yessers I has starteds my stories for todays with "Bwah", but it is well deservered as Baz reallies outdiddered himselfs for our magicals mystery tours today.

As you knows I lovers to travels all over the worlds and gets my photomagraph taken with coolers stuffs, well you don't get much coolers than a snow covereds volcanamoe does you?!?

Super cools, reallies, I can't says it enoughs, reallies!

If you doesn't instantlies recogniser the volcanamoe that is behinds me then I can tells you thats it is Mounts St Heleners volcanamoe, and it livers in Washingtons State a coupler of hours drive Norths of where our hotels is located in Oregons.

Baz explainered the wholes story to me abouts how the whole Norths sider of the volcanamoe blowered outs back in 1980, which was even befores us uglies comed to visits you alls on planets Earth.

I was completelies amazered at alls the devamastation that the forces of the eruptioner caused, even nows over 30 years later there is onlies a fractions of the lifes living in the valleys as there was befores it all goes mentals.

Thankfullies there was no rumblers or steamers while we was theres, and if there was then you woulds have no chancer in keepings up with me as I runs to the car, super ugly sprinters mode, for sures!

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