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Ugly Adventures #1175 - 4th Of July Relaxerings (Parts 1)


As Baz has to workers agains today on Americas Independencers day he suggestered that I takes the day to just relaxer before we flies home tomorrows.

I decideds to takes his advicers and after lettings my cookie crumblers cereal settles I headeds over to the hotels swimmering pools.  Almosts as soon as I hads arrivered I hads some of the kiddies who is stayings in our hotels daring me to jumpers in to the pools at the "nots so deepers for you alls, but stills mega deepers for littles me" ends.

I did whats any ugly woulds do in such a situationer, I stoodered up for uglies pride and divered rights in, to massivers cheering from alls of the kiddies.

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