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Ugly Adventures #1183 - Summer Saulters


My Scottisher cousins were tellings me abouts a fun gamer that they says is normals to plays here in Scotlands.  They callers the game "Summer Saulters", or at leasts that's what they tellers me it was calleds.

It involvers me runnings like the clapperoonies (I learners this phraser from Scottish Mama) across the grass and then jumperings up in the airs and spinnerings heads over heelers and trying to landers on my feeties again.

As you can imagines my Scottisher cousins were all gathered arounds watchings, cheerings and shouterings while I trieds it overs and overs again.  Funniers thing is that it only seemers to be me who does the Summer Saulters, maybies they knows somethings I doesn't!

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