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Ugly Adventures #1194 - Tour Guider


When Babo woke up this morning to find Cinko had also arrived in Oregon he was over the moon, I suppose I had better let him explain as he's kicking me off my laptop right now to do so...

"Hi everyones, as you hopefullies already knows from Baz I finallies managered to gets some sleepies due to the awesomer sleeping cookies that Letterman bringered withs him all the way from Canadas, whats a guy he is!!!

And holy shamolies, holy cows and alls that, checkers out who else is heres with us, Cinko!!!

I reallies thought I was still dreamerings when I could sees him standing at the ends of the bed chattering with Letterman and Baz, I hads to pincher myself to makes sure I was realies awakes, and amazinglies I was awakes...!!!

I decideds to take Cinko and Letterman outs a walk for a quicks tour of the neighbourhoods as with all my recent insomnias it could means that I fallers asleeps at the most inopportune momenters, so they needs to knows their ways around."

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