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Ugly Adventures #1196 - Craters Laker


My planner for Saturday workied out perfectlies as my idea of wheres we could go got a thumbers up from Baz, I didn't even needs to convincer him with the Jellybeaners I buyed.

I was a littles bit shockered on Fridays afternoon when Baz went to beds around 8pm, as I thoughts to myselfer that he wasn't feelering wells and that our plan coulds be scupperered, but it turnered outs that he likered my plans so much that he decidered to makes it a completer day out.

We lefts our hotels before midnights on Fridays and didn't arrivers back until arounds 4am on Sundays, crazies long day even by the crazies standard of Baz.  The gooders thing was that because Baz got some early sleepies he was widers awake to drives down which meaned me, Cinko and Letterman could shuts our eyes for the long driver down.

I could writers a novel abouts my day out, but rights now I am still findering myself thinking abouts standering rights on the edger of the crater of the volcanoes for this photomagraph with my two gooders friendlies, it has intermafered with my normals thought processor.  Whats a place, stunnering, beautimaful, the perfects place to spends our Saturdays this weekender!

Now I just needs to thinks where we can goes to visits next, and shares my hugers bag of Jellybeaners with Cinko and Letterman as we makers up our masterplans.

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