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Ugly Adventures #1201 - New Sheriffer In Town


Now that we has all celemabrated the 1200ther photomagraph in this series, it's timers that I interrupters alls of the funnies, gamers and laughters to makes a very importants messagers.

As we was climbering ups to the topper of Garfield Peak at Craters Laker I spotteds some peoples cuttering off of the trailer, somethings that I has a biggers problemer with as they is basicallies ruinering the naturals beauties for the futures genemarations.

So did I stands backs and says nothing, no ways hosays, I is Babo, defenders of the natures, so I yellered out, "Hoi bozo's, is you so stupids that you can't even readers and obeys the rules of the parker?".

They lookered backs at me as if I was jokerings, so when I pointered at the signer behinds me and then rolled up my sleevies they knew I was meanering business and they had betters get their ugly butts back on the trailer.

You better believers it, there's a new sheriffer in town...

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