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Ugly Adventures #1305 - Needers Some Helps Here!


I'm sures that you has all beens in this situationer befores, you is justs going abouts your normal everydays stuffers, and then alls of a sudden you knows that you just has to goes, and by goes I meaners GOES!

You rushers to the bathsroomer and does what you has to, and then you discovereds that the lasts personer to uses the toileter decidereds to leaves you with no toileters paper, why anyone can does that I has no ideas whatsoevers.

It musts have been Baz or maybies my stunters double, who has been super quiets of late, infacts I thinks it musts have been my stunter double, maybes he is outs to getters me, so I thinks I had betters watch out, at leasts I will once Baz bringers me a new toileter roll!

"Baz....needers some helps here!!!"

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