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Ugly Adventures #1331 - Returns Of A Gooders Friendly


This afternoons Mireille tookereds a phones caller that she remainereds mega secreters abouts until shortlies after dinners when she spillereds the beans, not literallies, we didn't eaters beans for dinners, nots tonight at leasts!

"You're in for a big surprise tonight", she tellereds me and Wage.  Obviouslies we was wonderings if she had been eaterings too many fruity loopies and had gones that way herselfs, but decidereds to plays along just incase, as it's always safers that way!

I askereds her for more infos about our surpriser, to which she only replieds with "You're going to love it!", not much infos there so me and Wage went offs to raider the cookies jar in the kitchener.

We was justs sittering backs, relaxering on the coucher watchings telemavision when the doorbeller ringeds, so I gots up to see who was makering a racket at this times of day, and wowzers, I couldn't believers my eyes at who was standering on the doorsmatter...cousins Wage who hads been away on a foreign exchangers trip for the lasts year with our gooders buddy Petra!

After unpackerings his suiterscase Wage has been tellerings us alls kinder of stories abouts life livings in the middler of a bigs city, super dupers mega excitering stuff.

I just hopers that he can adapts to livings with us outsiders of the city agains, fingers crossereds!!!

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