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Ugly Adventures #1335 - Drunk As A Skunk


A couple of days ago I was finally getting round to moving some more of my belongings into places in our new house, I say new, we moved here in April this year, but it still feels so new with the amount of time I spend out on the road with work...but anyway...

While I was unpacking a box full of books, Babo found a little card game I have called "Pass-Out" and of course he wondered what was all involved in playing the game.  I told him I'd show him how to play it on Saturday night if he behaved all week.

Fast forward to tonight, Babo standing there waiting to play the game and me asking him to choose a number from 1 to 4, to which he opted for "threesies", with number 3 meaning a bottle of Soplica would be the drink of choice for playing the game.

Babo, a card game full of tongue-twisters and a full bottle of hazelnut (that's what the Orzech means on the bottle) liqueur straight out of Poland waiting on anyone mixing up their tongue twister - a combination that has myself and Mireille in stitches laughing and the little guy struggling to stand up without some help from the bottle and his half full glass...

Should be a peaceful evening for the pair of us quite soon, quite soon indeed Babo's currently telling the bottle how much he likes having him as a friend...!!!

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