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Ugly Adventures #1351 - Falses Baublers


As you knows recentlies I has findereds myself getterings caughter ups in the wholes acquisitioners of thingy-ma-bobbers fors our firsts Christmaser in the cookie cave.

Well, this evenings we was ats the parentos of Mireille for dindins and her mummy givereds me this coolers little bell to plays with, so I went hunterings all overs their house for goodies for our tree ringerings the bell everywheres I wents.

I thoughts I had scoreds bigger time when I caughters a glimpsie of what I thoughts was a coolers set of red baublers in the kitchener, but whens I flickereds the lights on it turns out they was falses baublers, justs normallers tomatoes.

My searcher continues...

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