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Ugly Adventures #1369 - Hards To Believers


Birdie puttereds up a really goods fighter for the firsts coupler of hours of my interromagations, buts everyone has a crackerings pointer and eventuallies I finds out Birdies!

What he tellereds me afters he crackereds though I is still finderings super duper hards to believers...Birdie was haverings on about there being a mysteriousers hidden pocketer insides my jacketer, which was ablers to provider him withs a nevers-enderings supply of cookies.  

He also tellereds me that while he was muncherings away at the cookies, that he would follows the sounds of the voicers he could hears outsiders of the jacketer, as he was a littlers bit afraid that the cookies in the jacketer was designeds to bes a trap or somethings else badders like this.

Now, I is not aboves the ideas that Birdie coulds be tellerings the truth, buts at the same timers I would thinkers that I woulds have been abler to finds such a secreters hidden pocketer durings all the months that I has been wearings the jacketer.

Hmmm, I suppose I had betters checks out if Birdie is tellerings the truth afters all.

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