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Ugly Adventures #1381 - Looks Who I Findereds!


Looks who I findereds wandering arounds our "littler scotland" outs on the balcony this evenings, my gooders friendy Rudolfer!

He hads been expecterings me to be workerings again at the Norths Pole with Santa to helpers him out justs like I diddered lasts year, and wasn'ts happy when Santa tellereds him that I hads to stays in Germanies this year to helps Mireille and Baz gets their Christmaser tree ups and running before Baz's mama arrivereds.

I knows that I has to calls Santa up on the telemaphone to lets him knows that Rudolfer is safes and sounds, but I thinks that can waiters a coupler more hours so we can has some fun togethers first!

pee-ess - the super coolers thing this year is that we is technicalleries havering 2 christmasers, tomorrow (which is Christmasers eve, woohoo) is our Germanies christmas at the parenters of Mireille and then on Christmaser day we has our seconds one at the cookie cave!

Rocks on!

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