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Ugly Adventures #1386 - DJ Highlandmonkey In Da House


I hads to waits for hours this afternoons for Wage to finishers up his workouts, so that I could gets to plays with my DJ Hero's gamers.

I was spinnerings, scratcherings and whooperings the crowd ups into a frenzies when my gooders buddy, Highlandmonkey came overs to ask if he coulds has a go too as it lookereds like so much funs!

We decidereds that the rules would be that if you scoreds lowers than 99% then we would swappers round each time, buts if you scoreds 99% or 100% you coulds continue playerings.

I is beginnings to thinks that Highlandmonkey was a professionals superstar DJ backs in Scotlands, as he is makings 100% scores on almosts every single level, he rocks biggers time!!!

"DJ Highlandmonkey in da house!!!"

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