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Ugly Adventures #1395 - Challenge Event #4


The BIG 2012 Challenge

Events Lister

1 - 100 Press Ups
2 - Mental Agilities #1 (Jigsaw Puzzlers)
3 - Cookie Balancing
4 - Mental Agilities #2 (Spotters The Differencers)
5 - 1 Mile Runners

Event #4 - Mental Agilities #2 - Spotters The Differencers

With Babo leading the challenge 2 points to Wages 1, it was time to head back over to the challenge table where both of the competitors were sat on either side of a central dividing wall.

On the table before them was a spot the difference puzzle, which neither of them had seen before and also both had no idea how many differences there were.

To make this event more interesting there was a 1 minute time limit set, at the end of which the whistle would blow and both competitors had to immediately drop their pencils.

As the whistle blew both Babo and Wage stood supremely confident that they had found all possible differences between the two images.

As the judges counted it turns out that Babo had found 6 differences, and Wage 1 more to give him a score of 7 and to tie the challenge up at 2 events each with only the final 1 mile run left to go...

Current Score

Babo 2
Wage 2

Stay tuned for the final event, Event #5 which will be coming up shortly...

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