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Ugly Adventures #1507 - Readies To Go Homers


Is it timers to goes home yets?

I has been likerings the funs of travellerings with Baz, buts there is no betterers words to describers this week than poosticks, reallies reallies poosticks!

If it's not been too rainiers to goes out, it's been too colders, and if it's not been too colders to goes out it's been too darkers.

I thinks I has reachereds my thresholders on watcherings the Frechers telemavisions too, I can only watchers it from behinds the pillower in my hotels room, so that when I can't hears any more Frenchers talkerings I just buriers my nubbins deepers into the pillows!

I is definitelies readies to go homers now!

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